Andis Blade Care Plus for Clipper Blades

  • Grooming your furry family member at home is a great way to save money and to get the most out of the blades used it's important to maintain them. Andis Blade Care Plus is a 7-in-1 formula to ensure your blades can be used for years.
  • During clipper use it acts as a blade coolant, lubricant, and washes away hair, buildup and preservatives that accumulate on clipper blades. It allows the clippers to stay cool for optimal performance.
  • After grooming use it to deodorize, clean excess hair, prevent rust, and to decontaminate the blade, leaving it fresh for it's next use.
  • It's enriched with Vitamin E which acts as a natural decontaminate.
  • Proven quality and made in the USA!

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