Breyer Alejandro

The Lusitano is one of history's most elegant horses.  They originated from horses bred on the Iberian Peninsula over 25,000 years ago.  Today those horses have split into two breeds:  the Andalusian () and Lusitano (Portugal).  Also know as the Puro Sangue Lusitano (which translates to "Pure Bred Lusitano"), the Lusitano is as sure-footed as it is noble in appearance.  Naturally agile and intelligent, their conformation makes them well suited to collection and impulsion.  These skills were of great use over the course of history when they were mounts for soldiers and bullfighters.  The breed still exhibits those same traits today, making Lusitanos ideal dressage and working equitation horses.  

Alejandro is a fine example of the athletic Lusitano.  With his pearly dapple grey coat and his luxurious mane and tail, he's ready to turn some heads!

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