Effax Leather Care Case

The Leather Care Case by Effax contains all your favorite Effax cleaners, conditioners, polishes, and accessories in one convenient package. Regular leather cleaning and conditioning is essential for extending the life of your tack. Effax’s high quality products lift dirt and dried sweat while helping to protect the leather from damage. This kit contains boot polish, a brush, and a micro cloth to buff your boots to a glossy, show-ready shine.

Leather Care Case Features:

  • Effax Leather Combi
  • Effax Leather Balm
  • Effax Boot Polish
  • Effax Leather Instant Shine
  • Leather Care Sponge
  • Effax Shoe Polish Brush
  • Combi Micro Cloth
  • Effax Leather Grip Stick

Collections: Tack Cleaners

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