Oster Golden A5 Clipper 2 Speed


Oster’s A5 Golden Single or 2-Speed Pet Clipper is built to perform. This heavy duty professional corded animal clipper is smooth, quiet, reliable and cool-running, and can easily clip through jobs thanks to its powerful universal rotary motor with over 2,100 strokes per minute. The A5 Golden is compatible with Oster’s A5 Cryogen-X blade, the Elite Cryogen-X blade and the wider Take-Down-Quick wide blade series.

Key Benefits
  • Heavy duty clipper comes in either a single speed or 2-speed model.
  • These clippers are made to last. Tackle any coat type with these virtually unbreakable, powerful clippers.
  • Oster's Golden A5 is able to handle everything from general purpose grooming to precision clipping.
  • High quality performance with smooth handling, and a motor that runs quiet and cool. Top speed on the 2-speed clipper is 2,700 SPM and 2,100 for the single speed clipper.
  • The detachable blade system is made for quick, easy blade changes and increased versatility. Compatible with Oster A5 detachable Cryogen-X™ blades, Elite Cryogen-X™ and Take Down Quick Wide ™ blade series

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