Flex On Composite Stirrups

FlexOn Composite Stirrups

The Flex-On Composite stirrup is designed on the same model as the Aluminium Flex-on stirrup. It has an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer part.

The inclined grip allows better foot positioning. Better positioning enables better posture. Simply speaking, these stirrups will prevent you from losing the stirrup. The shock absorption is especially important because of the impact on landing. The “elastomers” of the stirrup absorb the impact, not allowing transfer to the ankles or knees.

Because the design of the Flex On Stirrups incorporates “elastomers” which enable effective shock absorption, this leads to less wear and tear on the muscles and joints. Riders using the Flex On Stirrups have reported a marked decrease in the post-riding fatigue. The impact of the Flex-On technology is highly positive for the overall health and performance inside the ring.

Designed from a bio-sourced polyamide material, the bracket Green Composite is designed on the same model as the bracket Aluminium Flex-on. 

Internal width is 12cm (4.75")

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